Let’s Hear It For the Boys



Photo from https://instagram.com/mikeyidaho?utm_medium=copy_link

Amber Sargent, Writer

Saturday March 5, the Hillcrest Boys Basketball team took the title of State Champions, first time ever in Hillcrest History. The Hillcrest Boys not only qualified for State but won district championships. Their overall record was 19-2, only losing to teams in a Utah tournament, and going undefeated in their high school season. They went to State and played their first game on Thursday, March 3rd against Vallivue. They won that game by about 30 points. Next, they played one of the toughest teams they would face during the whole tournament, the Middleton Vikings. 

The entire game was very close staying within 5 points of each other, until the end of the 4th quarter when Hillcrest got it together and ended up winning by 11 points. Winning the first two, they are now in the State Championship. The next day they would play Pocatello for the State Championship title. The crowd and entire atmosphere were amazing as the Hillcrest boys played this game. “The best part for me was seeing all the reactions of the players, parents and especially the student section, so much happiness in one building,” said a Hillcrest Highschool student who wished to remain anonymous. Although the game wasn’t super close, it was still so fun to watch these amazing players have such a good game. Since Hillcrest boys were up by about 20 at the end of the 4th quarter, the nonstarters were able to play and a few even scored. 

Hillcrest boys won and are the State Boys Basketball Champions. All of their hard work has paid off and they win the State Championship 76-46. If you never got a chance to watch the Hillcrest boys play, you definitely missed out, they are an extremely talented group of young men.