The dangers of sex trafficking

Nakiyah Howard , Writer

Lately sex trafficking has been a huge thing, many women go missing due to sex trafficking, Most people that get trafficked and survive  suffer from many mental problems such as anxiety, depression, and so much more, its one of the worlds most shameful crimes. Traffickers force men, women and children to do all types of exotic things. The most targeted people who get trafficked are vulnerable teens, runaways, immigrants so the main people targeted are children. The main cause of human trafficking Some of the common factors are local conditions that make populations want to migrate in search of better conditions poverty, oppression, lack of human rights, lack of social or economic opportunity, dangers from conflict or instability and similar conditions. They lure and ensnare people into forced labor and sex trafficking by manipulating and exploiting their vulnerabilities. Human traffickers prey on people who are hoping for a better life, lack employment opportunities, have an unstable home life, or have a history of sexual or physical abuse.

Human traffickers target vulnerable individuals by preying on their personal situations. Human traffickers target and recruit their victims by appearing to offer help, or pretending to be a friend or potential romantic partner. They leverage their victims’ vulnerabilities and coerce them to meet in person, how can you tell if someone is a human trafficker? Exhibit signs of physical and psychological trauma e.g. anxiety, lack of memory of recent events, bruising, untreated conditions. Be fearful of telling others about their situation. Be unaware they have been trafficked and believe they are simply in a bad job.

 Be careful out there, you never know who you can trust.