The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

Nakiyah Howard , Writer

   The yulin dog meat festival has been around since 2009, it lasts ten days which has thousands of dogs being consumed.

Thousands of dogs get taken/kidnapped just for this festival, its sick and twisted, i couldn’t find anything with all the research i had done about how it started and why. I first discovered this festival a couple of years ago scrolling through Instagram i came across this page that showed people protesting against it, it also showed various amount of videos of people kidnapping dogs, and a walk through of the festival it showed the animals being slaughtered, i found it extremely disturbing because people were cheering while animals were being cooked, in the 13 years that it has been active there have only been about 2000 animals saved just from 2009-2020, imagine letting your dog outside to play and do whatever, and you come back to someone grabbing your dog by the neck trying to put him or her in their car, that horrifying nonetheless traumatizing, thousands of people have their animals taken just for them to be abused and eaten, one lady had her dog taken from her and she recruited a rescue team to go into the warehouse where they kept the dogs and saved the 209 dogs that were in there. Thankfully she got her dog back. This festival is the worst possible celebration ever, its sickening, not many people know about this festival which is why i decided to write about it ya know shed some light onto it, let more people know. I have donated money to fund raisers for the animals to send rescue teams to warehouses, to keep the animals safe.