The Riot at the Capital

Brenlee Welch, writer

On January 6th, 2021, a group of Trump supporters turned against the 117th US Congress  as they attempted to overturn his outcome of the 2020 election by preventing the formalization of newly inaugurated President Joe Biden’s victory. Protesters fought past police and breached the building, shouting and waving Trump 2020 and American flags as they marched through the halls. 

Many of these protesters did not wear masks during the COVID-19 crisis. Lawmakers were told to duck under their seats for cover and put on gas masks after tear gas was used in the Capitol Building. Some House lawmakers tweeted that they were sheltering in place in their offices. Thousands of civilians marched and protested, which resulted in 5 people dying including a capital police officer, as well as dozens of people being injured.

 One of the top prosecutors in Washington had said on Tuesday, the 12th of January that more than 70 people that were tied to the event had been arrested and charges with many crimes ranging from trespassing to murder. The numbers are expected to rise as over 100 investigations are taking place at this time. 

Many people believe that former president Donald Trump was the biggest reason behind this. The president gave his supporters a boost into action Wednesday morning at a rally outside the White House, where he urged them to march to the Capitol. He spent much of the time watching it on tv until he was urged to stop it, and issued a pair of tweets and a taped video telling his supporters it was time to “go home in peace.” However, he did say he backed their cause. 

In his first public appearance since the capitals siege, Trump expressed no contradiction for fighting the mob. Over 10,000 national guard troops from all around the country have been flooding to the capital in an attempt to secure the area. There has also been an increase in security in hotels and airports. In this increasingly tense time, many people have been urged to accept Trump’s loss and move on, making our country a much better place to live.

Brenlee Welch