Trump Has Tested Positive for Covid-19

Donald Trump got COVID-19 on October first. He tested positive that night. He was given supplemental oxygen and an antibody cocktail, an investigational treatment, and was hospitalised. While he was in the hospital, he was put on an antiviral drug. All of this was done on Friday while he only had mild symptoms. He recovered over the next couple of days. 

There were originally going to be three presidential debates but since Trump had been quarantined, and refused to participate in a virtual debate, the second debate was cancelled. Some people think that Trump either faked his sickness or tried to get it so that he wouldn’t have to participate in this debate. Joe Biden was and is ahead in the polls and many people believe that Trump didn’t want to damage his chances with more debates than necessary.

This, however, seems unlikely. Controversial to what most news sources say, Trump seems extremely confident that he has won both debates and will win the presidential election.  He has even said that the only way he could lose the election is if it is rigged. 

The reality is, it is probably going to be a pretty close race for this election. With early voting and the ballots that have already been counted, Biden is winning by a significant margin, but predictions show that voters for Trump are less likely to vote early and more likely to vote on the actual election day, November third. 

UPDATE: Now that Biden is the projected President elect, Trump’s attitude has not changed towards his feelings about the results of the presidential election. He still insists that the election was rigged and that he should have won. He has filed several lawsuits against several different states. Very few of them have any real substantial evidence and those that do are not nearly influential enough to affect the overall results of the election.